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Project ListServer

  • Replaces Yahoo Groups.
  • Create Mailing Lists and Maintenance Discussion Groups
  • Receive mail and then re-send the mail to all the users on the mailing list to share information about specific topics.
  • Users can subscribe and unsubscribe themselves from mailing lists with a simple e-mail message .
  • Can add "header" and "trailer" text to all messages in the list and add text to the subject line .
  • Private Lists let you choose who can subscribe .
  • Moderated Lists allow list owner and/or password approval of all postings before they go to the subscribers.
  • Delivery Rules can create filters that flag designated words and phrases to keep out unauthorized users and undesirable content. This greatly helps in anti-spamming efforts and reducing junk mail sent to legitimate mailing lists.
  • LIST Command Security prevents outsiders from requesting a list of all subscribers to your lists
  • Digest Mode allows users to request that list messages be combined into a periodic summary message.
  • Password posting and authorized poster lists help restrict posting by unauthorized persons.

Platform: Java, Mysql, CometWay-Agents, TogetherSoft.

Project Manager:

  • Carl Trusaik
  • Rick Harris


  • Marc Snyder
  • Barbra McMillin
  • Sudha Jagannath
  • Scott Parker
  • Khurram Merchant
  • James Wood
  • David Peng

Our Sincere thanks to TogetherSoft for providing us the license to use their product.

Webmaster: Sudha Jagannath - SudhaJ@Compunetix.com

:: project updates ::

6/1/2002 - Requirement Doc Ver1.0 completed by Barbara McMillin

6/3/2002 - Project HomePage completed by Sudha Jagannath

6/6/2002 - Requirement Doc Ver2.0 completed by Barbara McMillin

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